Friday, June 04, 2010

Theremin Thursday for June 3, 2010

I have tweeted #ThereminThursday links, and then collected them here, for two weeks in a row. I must really be on a roll!

This week, we have seven offerings for the discerning Theremin fan:
  • Jean Michel Jarre - Theremin Memories -- The amazing synth artist Jean Michal Jarre playing Theremin, live, in Athens.

  • "Nuclear Monkey Wrench" by Rupert Chappelle -- Chappelle is featured in so many videos, I selected this one solely for the tune's name. (Monkeys FTW). Just like in last week's vid, Chappelle plays the Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin.

  • "Besamo Mucho" by Dorit Chrysler -- The beautiful and talented Ms. Chrysler plays theremin and sings on this track. Recorded live at The Stone in NYC. (I think I'm in love).

  • Heavy Metal Theremin? -- Guy runs his new Theremin through a bunch of his FX. He makes the damn thing ROAR (and that is pretty metal, right?).

  • "Saturday Matinee" by ZenTherStick -- Retro styling of this tune is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s film (cult) classics that featured the spooky Theremin!

  • "Doctor Who Theme" by ArcAttack -- My personal favorite this week. In this clip, a DJ plays Doctor Who's theme song on GIANT TESLA COILS. It is electrifying!

  • Droid Does ... Theremin? -- In this clip, a guy uses a coin to interact with the magnetic field generated by an HTC Droid. Portable theremin, anyone?

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Now, let's see a still from that awesome Doctor Who/Tesla bit:

Does he do birthday parties??

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