Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What's Going On Here (the story thus far)

Hi there.

I am the Serial Theater Lackey and this is my theater blog. This is where I post "Notes, Tips, Quips, and Random Thoughts about Being On-, Off-, or Backstage." I've had no formal training, but I'm more than happy to ramble on about what small knowledge I've acquired through the time-honored process of on-the-job training."

How about some background info for perspective?

Phillyblog.com originally asked me to write a blog about the local theater scene in the Delaware Valley area. I accepted because of my involvement in two different theaters: The Village Players of Hatboro (a community theater in Hatboro, PA), and The Montgomery Theater (a not-for-profit theater in Souderton, PA). I started Dramatic License (or Confessions of a Serial Theater Lackey) in March of 2004, and maintained it as "the Dramaturge" through the year until about the beginning of December, 2004.

And then it disappeared.

Phillyblog moved to a new server before the end of the year. They saved their forums, but their blog area is completely MIA. And that means I lost almost all of my posts there. And, over the course of a month, I have probably lost whatever fledgling audience I was able to establish as well. (Yes, folks have emailed me wondering where my theater posts went.)

I have sent Phillyblog.com several emails asking for either a timeline when blogs will be re-established, or to simply get access to my old files. But no one has so much as responded with a simple "we'll look into it." In fact, I have received no responses at all. And their main site provides no clues as to the fate of their blogs (even though they maintain a defunct link to the blog pages).

I guess you could say I have waited long enough. And that leads me into this particular spot at Blogger. I have resurrected my old theater blog as Confessions of a Serial Theater Lackey (dropping the "Dramatic License" part of it). I am now in the process of locating previous Dramatic License posts. I find them via cached web pages in web searches, or via a draft version that I happened to save locally. Whatever I find, I am posting here at Confessions and I am trying to match the original publication date/time as closely as possible. You will find posts by either Brainwise (my usual handle) or Dramaturge (the handle I imported from Phillyblog). Don't be too confused -- for now, there is only one author here.

So now you know more or less how I got here, and why pre-dated posts show up from time to time.

If you happen to know of one of my previous theater posts, and also happen to have a copy of it, please contact me so that we can get it back on the web.

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