Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pick My New Phone! (Is There an App for That?)

Notice #1: Cross-posted from my personal blog]

Notice #2: This blog entry has nothing to do with theater (unless you count the fact that I use my phone to keep in touch with the tech crew).

Three months ago, I put it off. And I was prepared to put it off for another month. But the time has come to make a decision.

I'm due for an upgrade and I need a new smartphone.

Now, I am a Mac user, so one would think this is a decision easily made and acted upon. I should get an iPhone, right? Well, let me tell you, I would certainly like to have an iPhone. There are, however, a few issues. First, I am on Verizon. Why is that an issue? Uh, because I am unwilling to switch to AT&T. Sorry, folks, I'm actually happy with the service on Verizon. AT&T is by far the lesser network in my area and I kind of like a phone to, well, you know, make phone calls.

Second, it seems rather unlikely that Apple will strike a deal with Verizon. I was following the rumors, waiting and hoping for the iPhone to be available on my network. But I'm convinced it won't happen ... for quite a while.

Third, and possibly the biggest issue, I have been using Palm products for several years now. My current device is a Centro (I have been through the Palm V, Palm m500, Treo 650, Treo 700p). All my primary contacts -- and a host of other data in the form of memos, scheduling, etc. -- is in Palm's proprietary format. C'mon! Don't judge me! These Palm devices sync very well with the Mac platform, OK?

Here is my Centro!

Now, you may well ask, "Why do you need a new smartphone?" Great question! And the answer is ... I don't really need a new smartphone. But I am up for contract renewal, which means a discount on a new device, and I do want one. Or, rather, I want a phone that is better on the web than my Centro (that Blazer browser is so 2005).

So my question all of you (er, well, anyone reading my blog; so that's all two of you) is this:

What device should I get?

I'm serious. I need some help in choosing my new smartphone. And it will ideally have the following features:
  • Sync well with Mac OS X
  • Decent web browser
  • Good audio quality
  • Support for Twitter (preferably via Tweetdeck) and Facebook
  • Full keyboard (virtual or practical, I'm not picky just yet)
  • Video playback
  • iTunes integration
  • Ability to import my Palm data

I'm not really all that interested in BlackBerry devices, so I guess the choice is between Android and Palm. Or, maybe Palm is not really part of the discussion. The Palm Pre and Palm Pixi look good, but the new Web OS doesn't seem to support my old Palm data very well and syncing with Mac is an issue. Not that Android is much better in the Mac sync department. Bottom line: I'll have some serious adjustment no matter which direction I go. I just want to ensure I make the best choice given my criteria.

So, have at it! Make a pitch for which device I should get and why. I appreciate any and all help in this matter.

Which droid is the droid I'm looking for, Ben Kenobi?

Oh, look. Palm made phones for Weebles!


mupi2k said...

OK, first, devour is not a Droid. It has a better keyboard than the Droid, but it has motoblur, and I think you wont like that much.

Droid incredible is slightly faster native, but no hardware keyboard. If you are used to the Treo, you will miss it, though the virtual keyboards are amazing on android. And the Droid can be overclocked as high as 1.3 ghz. By 800 MHz, droid's CPU outperforms incredible's, and most droids run fine up to 1gig. Some can be coaxed to run faster.

You might also check out the LG ally, which has a better keyboard by some definitions, and shares most other specs with the incredible.

Since android primarily syncs via web, what os you use is much less important than it might seem. If you can export your palm data to a vcf file, any android phone should read it. Calendars will ne harder, I think, but Google calendar does some pretty cool groupware kinds of things, which might help you a lot. Also, your local Verizon store Guy should transfer your contact info. Though some data probably won't copy correctly...
M2cw. Hth. Etc...

Andrea Butler said...

I agree with him. I don't have much knowledge about phones but what he said sounded good.

I'd go with one of the droids because it seems to be as close to an iphone as you can get with Verizon. And everyone I've talked to who has one loves it.