Tuesday, September 16, 2008

REEFER Praised as "High Theater"

Mondo Berks : High theater art finally hits PA

I'm going to have to read Mondo Berks more often if Patty is going to write about local theater as part of her coverage of "astounding, even unbelievable things in and around Berks County".

Anyway, after covering the history of Reefer Madness: The Musical (hey, did you know its Broadway debut was cut short by ... September 11!?), which I fully recommend reading at the source, she launches into her review of our current production. From which I quote:

The current incarnation of the show is a hybrid of all preceding versions. It’s Reefer Madness 4.0. And its present refined state offers all the flavor and none of the trans fat of previous versions.

I strongly suspect it’s a leaner, meaner, more potent creative effort with a small cast on a small stage. Or at least that’s the impression I walked away with from the Montgomery Theater’s Reefer Madness that opened last week; a “joint” production between the Montgomery Theater in Souderton and the 11th Hour Theatre Company in Philadelphia. The musical runs in Souderton through October 4th and continues in Philadelphia from October 9 through Nov. 2. At Friday's performance, the fresh-faced cast delivered high energy, sexy performances that were complemented by cute, minimalist props and sets. The impressive production left me thinking this is the region's first "must-see" show of the year.

...[T]he musical is belly-cramping funny. Everyone in the (mostly baby boomer) audience was laughing.

Well, Patty, your blog has a delightful "must-agree" review. Thanks so much for seeing the show and writing about it.

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