Friday, October 05, 2007

Stage Directions Book of the Week

Stage Directions magazine and present the Book of the Week:
Running Theatres: Best Practices for Leaders and Managers
By: Duncan M. Webb
Running Theaters: Best Practices for Leaders and Managers

The best practices that consistently lead to operating successful theaters are now revealed in this comprehensive resource. Culled from surveys and interviews with more than 50 theater managers and experts in crucial functional areas, this insightful guide provides crucial tips for all people who work or want to work in regional, campus, and community-based theaters.

Proven-successful strategies from managers, staff, and volunteer leaders cover virtually every aspect of running a theater: audience development, fund raising, facility development, programming, community involvement, and much more. Special sections cover physical maintenance, technology in theaters, staff and board development, and education in the arts. This book will prove essential to anyone working to support the creative process with sound and imaginative leadership. Click here for more info!

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