Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gearing Up for Monty

Hey! I've been remiss in updates once again, so let me correct that with a few quick notes here.

Our next production at Montgomery Theater is ... The Fully Monty!

Rehearsals started this week and basic blocking should be done by tomorrow night. Your favorite theater lackey is once again in charge props and lights, but not sound. As this is a musical, I do not have to come up with a music plan for scene transitions (uh, the singers and the band will take care of that, y'know) or even house music. There are, however, a few required soundFX so I'm working on that this week.

I've already submitted a draft of the props list. We'll see if the next few rehearsals shake anything out of the list (or add to it). I am nearly done (over halfway, actually) with taking down the lights from the last production. There are only about 16 more instruments and associated cabling. Oh, and I've taken down the FX speakers.

I have not seen a light plot yet, but I have met the designer, Peter Leonard, and I can't wait to work with him. Peter seems like a great find for our theater -- he's bright (no pun intended, really), quirky, and already scheming up interesting ideas to tackle Monty on our stage. And on top of all that, he really seems to be interested in teaching a hack like me. I'll be hanging lights per Peter's design. And, maybe, I'll handle some preliminary focusing. I'm interested to see how else I'll be involved in the lighting process. I'll try to keep you theaterphiles posted.

That's all for now. I'll post photos of the set construction when I get a chance.

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