Friday, July 27, 2007

A Visit to Urinetown

OK, so I didn't really go to a place called Urinetown. C'mon; it would be impossible to actually set foot in U-town (that's a nod to the folks who are familiar with this show. Did ya get it? ... heh, heh). But I did visit the Forge Theater in Phoenixville, PA, to see "Urinetown, the Musical." My friend, and former crew/cast-mate, Shelli was in the show. And I have not seen her perform in quite a while. So, when I realized how close this place was to my office, I reserved my seat for Thursday, July 27.

Entrance to ... Urinetown!

The entrance to the theater

I had never been to the Forge before. But it was a nice drive. Fortunately, I chose to take Route 23 through Valley Forge Park to get to Phoenixville. I saw some deer and other critters and pretty much had a lovely, uneventful drive. Other patrons, however, were not so lucky. Apparently, they got tied up in traffic on Route 76 after the Phillies game let out. Although I did not hit that little snarl, I did get to the theater pretty close to curtain and so ended up sitting in the right wing: in one set of the "cheap" seats. But that was OK by me because the Forge is theater in the round (or ... square-ish ... horseshoe ... -ish ... to be more accurate), and the folks in my location were kind of in on the show's action every now and then.

It's pretty late right now (I only got home after midnight), so I won't attempt any kind of review. But I will leave you with a picture of yours truly hanging with Ms. Shelli (and "Officer Lockstock" cut off in the right background):

Mixing with the cast!

A "self" portrait -- with Shelli!


john said...

Are you going to be involved in Full Monty at all?

brainwise said...

Thanks for stopping by, John.

The answer to your question is Yes. As the Project Supervisor at Montgomery Theater, I will indeed be involved with their production of THE FULL MONTY.

My primary responsibilities will be in coordinating the props, programming sound FX (yes, even musicals have sound cues beyond the songs), and hanging lights.

So, uh, why do you ask?

john said...

Just wondered. Will you have responsibility for figuring out the best place to put our mic packs during the ole' depantsing at the end?

brainwise said...

I believe that issue will be decided by committee. :)