Thursday, February 01, 2007

Help Turn a Military Fort into a Theater

Here's an interesting item that I found in my inbox today...

Here is some text I lifted from their email campaign:
The New Globe Theater is proposing to transform a decaying military fort in New York Harbor into a vibrant performing arts venue and education center.

Despite overwhelming broad public support (from Senator Schumer to Community Board #1, from Al Pacino to Ralph Fiennes, from war veterans to acting students ... see, the National Park Service is about to disallow the plan.

If we do not act now, we shall forever lose the opportunity to create this inspiring cultural icon in New York Harbor.

Please take action today by sending an e-mail to the National Park Service immediately. It only takes a few seconds to forward the pre-written statement.

Looks like a worthwhile cause. Send a message if you have the time, and pony up if you can spare a dime.

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