Friday, August 25, 2006

Console Tape

File Under: Theater Equipment

I consistently forget what this stuff is called -- particularly when I need to order it! So, this entry is a nice little reminder for me. Whenever I need some labeling tape that does not need a residue, I can just search this blog for "tape" or "label" or "theater equipment" and this entry should come up.

Who knows, maybe this will help me remember "console tape."

The following was lifted from Film Tools' webstore.

1/2" Permacel Paper Tape (P724)pad 1/2" Permacel Paper Tape (P724) AKA Spike Tape and Console Tape.

This 1/4" paper tape is used as console tape by sound and lighting engineers. Camera assistants use it on stage floors to mark actor's positions. It leaves no residue, is easy to write on, and is great for color coding cases, equipment, files and boxes. Made by Permacel and other brands.

Comes in 4 widths; 180' rolls. Aka Spike tape. Made by Permacel and other brands.

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