Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reviews for "Big Boys"

Montgomery Theater's latest production opened last weekend. "Big Boys" is a scathing look at the world of business through the lens of the ridiculous -- but if you've ever had a terrible boss or spent time in a cubicle farm, you might think some of the antics on display aren't too far off.

And now, some reviews are in!

The Philadelphia Inquirer calls it a "strikingly well-performed production." The Montgomery News proclaims, "The chemistry between the duo was electric."

It's not really noted in the reviews, but audience members are reacting favorably to my sound design, so I'm very happy, of course. I have to point out that song selection for this production was a great, collaborative effort with star/director Pete Pryor, stage manager Paul Dake, and artistic director Tom Quinn. What a team!