Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Reviews for "Hail Mary!"

Montgomery Theater's production of "Hail Mary!" is getting laughs ... and good press. Here are two reviews for your consideration.

First, Montgomery Media's Dante J.J. Bevilacqua writes:
Audiences who want a bracing combination of laughter and deep thought are in for a good workout here. The tongue-in-check comedy repeats many of the themes of shows like Bill Davis’ “Mass Appeal” and John Patrick Shanley’s “Doubt.” And there is lots of contentious dialogue about tradition versus innovation, the dangers of absolutism in faith, and the delicate balancing act that any would-be reformer must strike so as not to sacrifice the best of an institution along with its excesses. [Full Review]

Next, Wendy Rosenfield of the Philadelphia Inquirer offers a less enthusiastic, albeit positive, review:
There are two types of plays about Catholicism: the ones with silly nuns, and the ones with serious nuns. Montgomery Theater's Hail Mary!, by Tom Dudzick, has much silliness, but wants desperately to fall on the serious side of that divide. Mind you, this isn't Doubt, John Patrick Shanley's exploration of patriarchy and power in the church. Dudzick isn't concerned with contemporary scandals or controversies, and dismisses them with one densely packed sentence referring to Catholicism's troubles with pedophilia, the Holocaust, abortion, you name it. He takes the safer route, asking, via a trio of nuns, one friendly, feisty priest, and a gentleman caller, all gathered in a classroom for this instructive purpose: What Would God Do? [Full Review]

During intermission for the first preview performance, I overheard an audience member remark to his friend: "I thought this was going to be a farce. Turns out it's pretty deep."

That is probably my favorite review of the play so far.

"Hail Mary!" runs through May 7. Purchase Tickets Online or call (215)723-9984 x10

Sarah Gliko and Rebecca Miglionico star in the new Montgomery Theater
production "Hail Mary!," continuing at the Souderton Theater through May 7.

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