Friday, June 18, 2010

Theremin Thursday for June 17, 2010

Yes, it's already Friday. But I still have to archive the Theremin Thursday links I tweeted earlier on Thursday. This week, we have four offerings for the discerning Theremin fan:
  • Xbox and Theremin? -- @Lux_Seeker, by way of @MarkMosher, tweeted the URL to an interesting story posing Kinect as possibly the "perfect video Theremin interface." Apparently it was unveiled at E3 this week.

  • The Therenana --The Therenana banana Theremin is described as “hobby electronics gone wrong.” That's probably not too far from the truth, but I still think this fruit is a pretty cool gadget!

  • "Geometry" by Rupert Chappelle -- Mr. Chappelle returns to my weekly Theremin compilation with one of several recordings titled "Geometry." As per usual, he plays Harrison Instruments Model 302.

  • "Recalcitrance" -- Australian born Singapore recording artist Shueh-li Ong performs a song from her first CD at the the Esplanade. In this piece, Ong plays Theremin alongside the Artsylum Quartet. According to the YouTube description, this "could arguably be the 1st theremin and string quartet performance in Singapore and at" this venue.

To close this post, here is a photo of a sweet Theremin crafted by @sarcasymptote:

Flying V Theremin is an epic win!

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