Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have It Norway :: Cover Story ::

From the Philadelphia City Paper:

Have It Norway

The European Lesson Takes the Ugly American to School

by A.D. Amorosi | Published: Aug 27, 2008

For a theater piece about the mysteries of international communication, things looked bad when I started trying to interview the cast and crew of The European Lesson.

Actor Aaron Cromie had pneumonia and couldn't speak. Actor Jeb Kreager was eating dinner at Parc and couldn't speak. Director/choreographer Jo Stromgren was in his native Norway with poor phone reception and zero Internet access and couldn't speak.

This was no way to start discussing Live Arts' first international commission.

At least the man who booked The European Lesson could shed some light. 'I wanted an original work from an artist I felt was unique, fresh, super great and would work well with Philadelphia performers,' notes Live Arts commissar Nick Stuccio...

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