Thursday, June 26, 2008

More "Molly Snyder" Coverage

This morning I got word of more "Molly Snyder" coverage in the press -- and it's positive! We are looking to fill some seats during the July 4th weekend. Perhaps some of my readers are available and would like to take in a comedy show?

And now, on with the good press!

Wendy Rosenfeld of the Philadelphia Inquirer says "...the play is a fulfilling bit of absurdism that whizzes along at whiplash speed, leaving you as disoriented as poor Ms. Snyder (though much more amused)." (to read the full review click here).

And in an interview with Montgomery Newspapers, Mr.Braithwaite sums it all up - "Regardless of what kind of theatergoer you might be, you've most likely been to the DMV, most likely hate bureaucracy and will most likely get a good laugh out of "Ten Percent of Molly Snyder." (to read the full interview click here).

"Ten Percent of Molly Snyder" runs through July 12th, with seats still available. Seats can now be reserved in advance on our website,, or by calling the box office at 215-723-9984. Come in from the heat and enjoy some summer fun at Montgomery Theater!

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