Friday, June 29, 2007

Rounding Review

Montgomery Theater's production of "Rounding Third" received a favorable review from the local paper. I don't agree with several conclusions that reviewer Alexandra Beautyman draws from the performance -- she calls the play "entirely irreverent" (what?) and claims it "centers more on personal disruption than growth" (maybe she missed the shift that I saw occur in the characters) -- although she is probably dead-on in her estimation of the play's dedication to humor. It is one funny show.

I am pleased to report that Ms. Beautyman recognized the physicality of this play and so lauds Kristopher Yoder and Tony Braithwaite's skill and professionalism in their performance:
Another of the challenges the actors face with skill is one of endurance. The play is divided into two acts but is not otherwise segmented. The division between "scenes," if they can be called scenes, is never longer than the moment it takes for the audience to comprehend a time shift. Yoder and Braithwaite maintain constant and kinetic dialogue, a task that must stress the voices, memories and energy of the actors; but they don't show it. (
Read the review, then come see the show. Perhaps you'll share Ms. Beautyman's opinions regarding the show's lack of a deeper meaning, perhaps not. We can compare notes on that later. I can, however, guarantee that you will be entertained and amused.

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