Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh Well, You Can't Please Everyone

That's right. You can't please everyone. Particularly not reviewers who resent travelling from the big city to the 'burbs. (Whoops, did I say that out loud?)

Anyway, Montgomery Theater's production of A Good Look at Boney Kern has been reviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer. And while I am sorry to say that it is not a flattering review, I am comforted by the prevailing wisdom that only good and spectacular reviews affect ticket sales by translating into a boost. Poor reviews generally prevent new patrons from trying out the theater but don't persuade the regulars against attending.

That's why I am not reluctant to post a link to the review in my blog. I am surprised that he thought so unkindly of the production, but at least I can agree with him on one comment: this production of Boney Kern does indeed feature "some powerfully fine - I would go so far as to say grand - acting."

As promised, here is a link to the review. It does contain a bit of a spoiler, so if you are planning on seeing the show, you may want to put off reading the review until after you have made up your own mind about it.
Half endearing, half unendurable


Greg said...

It seems to me that his biggest complaint is actually the script itself. Don't worry too much Brian; next one will be better. Reviews don't count for much unless you let them get to you. Take it as a kick in the pants and keep on chuggin!

brainwise said...

Oh, the review is not bothering me all that much. I just felt that I had to provide a bit of a preface before posting a link ot the review. If anything, I'm amused by how hard he had to work to put his piece together ... I mean, it seems rather forced.

brainwise said...

I forgot to mention what does concern or worry me. And that would be three reactions. Those of:

<> the director,
<> the actors, and
<> the audience.

Those are the only folks I work for. I don't work for the reviewers.