Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Boney Kerne: Window Wizardry

I hit my first problem on this lighting gig. Boney's nice little room has an outside window. Now, I need to light that window from "outside." That is, I need to show a little source lighting (sun or moon) at different times of the day. Greg and I planned on using four instruments, each one equipped with its own scroller. What we didn't count on was how tight it would get behind that window once the background masking was in place. Ooops.

Here is the window as seen from on set:

You can see the masking with its painted background through the window. Now, guess how much space I have to work with back there.

Not much.

Check the window masking from backstage

Now, back up a bit. See the tight fit?

Now, look up. Where, oh
where, to hang instruments?

I'm sure I'll figure something out. I have to!

This post's pics can be found in the gallery titled Window Wizardry

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