Thursday, May 11, 2006

"The Drawer Boy" -- Barrymore or less?

I am woefully behind in theater bloggage, so I'll try to catch up with a post or two this week.

On April 17, I found out that the Montgomery Theater's production of The Drawer Boy is "Barrymore eligible." This means the show has been deemed as elegible to be nominated for a Barrymore Award by the Philadelphia Theatre Alliance. The judges would still have to decide whether or not it is actually nominated for an award (or several!). At that time -- and even now -- I do not yet know for which particular recognition the show could be considered, but I have heard that it could be in the areas of set and lighting design.

No matter the outcome, this is still good news. Think about it, The Drawer Boy is only the second show of this season, which is the Montgomery Theater's first season as a Small Professional Theater (SPT) -- and the first season in which the theater itself has been Barrymore eligible!

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