Saturday, October 08, 2005

Craving Some Indie Film

Back in the late summer of 2003, I worked on an independent film, Crave. I usuall refer to the project as an example of guerilla filming, because the film crew usually consisted of just one or two guys, one of whom was the director/producer. Having a small crew obviously translates to a number of limitations while filming, but these guys were quite serious and professional in their approach to the project.

Crave tells the story of two high school kids who get caught up in drugs. I liked the script because it didn't glamorize drugs, and it really presented the dark side of drugs and the consequences of their use without getting too seedy. Plus, one of the kids makes a startling personal revelation.

No, I didn't portray one of those kids! (I may not look my age, but I don't look that young.)

I did play the guy who dealt the drugs, which was some kind of cocaine blend. I even received a DVD copy of the film for my portfolio. But I have not heard much buzz about the project since then. I don't know if it made it to any festivals, if there were any public screenings, etc. It's not listed in IMDb. I have not heard from the director.

But, I recently found the webpage for his studio, and there is a whole page devoted to Crave.

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BrightBoy said...

Wow, world's worst film trailer ever. Although, I did think your fight choreography was cool. How did they find you again?