Saturday, June 04, 2005

An Empty House

The Village Players of Hatboro theater. A view of the house from the stage. Taken May 31, 2005, with the Treo 600.

The first time I was on this stage was June or July of 1999. I auditioned for, and got a leading role, in a production of "Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar & Grille."

"An Empty House" represents the last time I ventured out on this stage. As I stood there, it really hit me that this was indeed the last time I would be on that stage, if not the last time I would be in this particular theater. And that is because I won't be working here any longer. As I tried to drink it all in with my senses, I realized that I just had to record the moment with a photograph as well.

Leaving VPH was a tough decision. But the distance between my home and Hatboro, the additional projects I am taking on closer to home, and probably a dozen other things just make my continuing involvement here ... not feasible.

To the people and the spirit of that theater, I simply say: "Thanks for the fond memories and wonderful productions."

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